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Though in character, moots are held monthly, Denver WtA only plays out a complete moot every other month.  Moots are held in the Moots forum.  The threads will be open for 10 days, ending on the night of the full moon.  All information contained in that forum is considered OOC knowledge until the moot has concluded.  Events (see top navigation bar in either the main site or the forums) is kept updated with the start/end dates of upcoming moots and other pertinent information.
Chronologically, moots proceed as follows: Opening Howl/Inner Sky --> Cracking the Bone --> Stories + Songs --> Revel.  Challenges occur during the Cracking.  If there is a Fool for the month, they may choose their Question and challenge the sept with it during either the Cracking or Stories + Songs.
Setting + Background
Moots are held at the Caern within the Sept of Forgotten Questions.  Garou from both Forgotten Questions and Cold Crescent who are not under direct orders from a Warder to stay on guard duty are expected to attend.
Moot Roles
There are 4 mandatory moot roles and 1 which is optional.  At any time between moots or during a moot, Cliaths and Fosterns of both septs may challenge for the honor of taking up any of these roles during the next month.  Generally these challenges do occur during the moot, but even if a garou is chosen, they may still be challenged before the full moon.  It is rare for Fosterns to take up these roles, and essentially unheard of for an Adren to lower themselves to it.  The septs see this as a time for younger garou to prove themselves and get valuable experience in leadership.  Out of character, it is a good way for PCs to earn renown (if they do a good job) and XP (as their players will be responsible for starting entertaining moot threads on time and helping out the Administrator considerably).
The Master of the Howl/Caller of the Wyld are combined, and are performed by a Theurge.  The CotW/MotH must know the Moot Rite.  This garou is responsible for choosing the location of the moot, including whether to hold it in the penumbra or the physical realm.  They are also responsible for summoning the garou together with the opening howl, and asking for the blessing of celestines, tribal incarnae, and the caern spirit.
The Truthcatcher is always performed by a Philodox.  It is one of the most time-consuming, as Cracking the Bone generally takes up the majority of the moot.  They are responsible for procuring the bone and facilitating the proceedings according to rank and status, bearing in mind the sometimes tenuous peace between the septs.  They must quell interruptions -- punishing those who speak out of turn then and there if necessary -- and be ready to put a stop to any falsehoods being spoken.  The Truthcatcher must know the Gift: Truth of Gaia.
The Talesinger is a Galliard.  They are responsible for offering the first story or song after the Cracking and are the primary judge of other stories and songs that are told during this portion of the moot.  They have the often difficult task of managing the energies of the garou between the lawkeeping and challenges of the Cracking and the total abandon of the Revel.  This is the time to remind garou not just what they are doing or how they do it, but why.
The Wyrmfoe is an Ahroun, and leads the Revel.  It is important that no matter how wild the Revel becomes, the garou engage in it together and remain within the bawn.  The Wyrmfoe may decide that the Revel is to be a joint hunt for spiritual or physical prey -- prey the Wyrmfoe is responsible for finding before the hunt and appeasing after it, if Gaian.  If the Wyrmfoe chooses to set the septs on a hunt for an enemy, that prey must be found, captured, and kept secure until the Revel, making it one of the more dangerous (and rarely chosen) options, as it is literally bringing even a minor minion of the Wyrm into the bawn.  The Wyrmfoe may decide that the Revel is to be a sort of violent party, with drinking and dueling and brawling.  Whatever the Wyrmfoe does, they must know where the line is between allowing the garou room to vent their rage and getting dangerously out of control, and be the first to step in if that line gets crossed.
There is also room, during some months, for a Fool, which is always a Ragabash.  At times, the elders will seek volunteers to serve in this role if they believe the sept needs it, but they may not refuse to allow a Fool within a moot if a Ragabash steps forward to challenge for it.  The Fool chooses one Question that they believe needs to be posed to the septs.  There are very few limitations on what this Question may be, though what it is and how/when it is posed will make a large difference in how the Fool's performance is judged.  Ultimately the desire is for the Fool to submit the Question for the good of both septs, not to prove their own cleverness or irreverence.  They are permitted to interrupt the Cracking in order to ask their Question.  They are permitted to answer a story or song with their Question.  They may not interrupt the Inner Sky or the Revel, however.  The first garou to answer the Fool may debate with them, but the Truthcatcher or Talesinger must know when to put an end to it and declare a winner of the debate.

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