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Random Quote

Had such promise? Are you giving up on me, then? I’ve been trying to keep people safe. I’ve been trying to fight the dark things. I’ve been trying to work out how this whole damn Awakened thing works. And after ignoring me for two years you’ve decided to stop by and yank my chain? Well, screw you! Either you’re going to help me, or you aren’t. But it’s time for you to get off the wall and decide if you’re actually going to do something, or just hide in the shadows and hope it’ll all be ok in the end. I’m probably fucked anyway once this is all over, but at least show me that you give a shit. Show me what I’ve done hasn’t been one massive waste of time.

Show me what I can be.

Alexander’s voice – his thoughts – turn from shouting to pleading at the end. He wants there to a point to it all, rather than a vast joke at his expense.

The wolf approaches and Alexander? Well, he doesn’t hesitate. There’s a gap now, he could run, but he doesn’t. He screams – vocally this time, voice without form - and swings the flame at the shadow.

Kinfolk Creation

Breed | Tribe | Traits

Homid characters are encouraged.  Lupus characters are restricted due to the lack of an established wolf population anywhere near the setting of World of Darkness: Denver.  Due to the non-crossover policy of the site, supernatural Kinfolk are not permitted.

Red Talons are restricted for the same reason.  Non-Nation tribes are severely restricted and not likely to be approved.  Stargazers will not be approved.

The Talent: Intuition has been phased out in WtA20.  Kinfolk now simply have Primal Urge, as werewolves do.  The Knowledge: Bureaucracy has also been removed.  Kinfolk have the exact same Abilities on their character sheets as Garou characters.

No Kinfolk character may begin play with a '5' in any attribute or ability.  Counter to creation rules in Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition or Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes, Kinfolk are allotted 7/5/3 in Attributes and 13/9/5 in Abilities.


Starting Kinfolk

Instant Approval.

These characters follow the starting creation guidelines in the books.  They are allotted 15 freebie points.  A maximum of one attribute and two abilities may begin at 4.  Willpower limited to 6.  Combat Abilities (including, but not limited to: Brawl, Dodge, Firearms, and Melee) are limited to 3.  Instant-approval Kinfolk may not have Merits, Flaws, Gifts, or Renown.

Backgrounds are limited for instant-approval Kinfolk as follows:

Fate | Fetish | Mentor: Not permitted

Allies | Contacts | Kinfolk: No higher than 2.

Pure Breed | Resources: No higher than 3.


Veteran Kinfolk

These characters are allotted 30 freebie points.  A maximum of two attributes and three abilities may begin at 4.  Willpower is limited to 7.  Veteran Kinfolk may not begin play with Gifts.  Renown is severely restricted and it is recommended that you discuss a Renowned Kinfolk with the Admin during office hours prior to submission.

Backgrounds are limited for Veteran Kinfolk as follows:

Fate | Fetish: Not permitted.

Mentor: Not permitted unless connected to an approved character with a willing player, approved by the Admin prior to submission.

Allies | Contacts | Kinfolk: No higher than 4.

Pure Breed | Resources: No higher than 4.

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