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          Sept of Forgotten Questions

          Sept of the Cold Crescent


          Garou Creation

          Kinfolk Creation

          Merits + Flaws

          Renown + XP Policies


          Judgement Calls


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"Oh... oh dear. Well, um... To start with, just about everybody you meet in Denver is either new to Denver or new to being Awakened, and that's not coincidence," she meets his eyes, by the time that sentence is finished. "The old Chantry here was wiped out. There was a secret lab out by the airport and they almost succeeded in destroying the human race with a virus. There were the zombies, and McDonalds, and we're still fighting an Umbrood and its... minions. A lot of us are keeping up wards for protection against that last one. I would advise that however you can protect your mind against their kind of yuck, do so. And do not go to the movies." Or Starbucks. Fuck that place. "So, you know, staying in the bookstore might be a viable strategy, come to think of it."


These pages are where I will consolidate information on player-storytelling, house rules, and other resources for Denver WtA.


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