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The links to the left will lead you to the various rules, guidelines, and setting resources for this system.  Below are some basic ground rules followed by the 'core values' of the system.

Ground Rules
Administrator Contact + Communication
  • The email address for the Werewolf system is:  werewolf [at] woddenver [dot] com.  Direct all questions and comments to this address.  Under ideal circumstances, it will be checked and answered daily.  However, messages may sit untended longer than that if offline life necessitates it.
  • Forums PMs, chat room PMs, and AIM are not to be used for site- or system-related questions at any time.  At the very least, your message will be ignored and you may be temporarily blocked.  At the worst, you may face disciplinary action from the Director.
  • Forums PMs may be used for questions regarding current/ongoing storyline(s) that I am STing.
  • I primarily use email to communicate with players about system-related topics and character approvals.  Make sure that you are regularly checking the email address attached to your Jove account if you have a character awaiting approval.
  • As Jove Beta lacks a usable events function, I make heavy use of the forums-hosted calendar.  Moots, the player-ST rotation schedule, and other events are posted there.  It is not static, and changes will not always be posted elsewhere.  It's a good idea to make checking the calendar a regular part of your visits to the forums.
  • As a general rule: talk to the person who can help before you talk to the person who can't.  This means approaching someone you might be upset with in a calm, respectful manner instead of complaining about them to anyone who will listen.  It also means that you need to be open to feedback, even if it feels like criticism.  Involve the Admin only after a reasonable attempt has been made to resolve the dispute between yourselves.
  • In the case of harassment (defined here as repeated conduct that is unwelcome, personally offensive, or creates an environment of hostility and intimidation), and after a reasonable attempt has been made to work it out personally, you must involve the Director.  Harassment is a community issue and so it cannot be addressed effectively within a single system.


Core System Values

  • Role-playing is a collaborative effort, no matter what game you're playing.  But Werewolf in particular is a game meant for groups: your family, your pack, your tribe, your sept.  As such, remember that we're all in this together, even when we disagree, don't get along, or simply want different things.  Basic respect for each other's personhood and personal boundaries is non-negotiable; communicating genuinely and listening earnestly to each other is vital.  Everyone does better and has more fun when we remember that whether we've been playing together for 1 week or 15 years, we're all a part of the same community.  We should treat each other like that, and welcome new (or returning) additions to that community with gratitude and acceptance.
Diversity of Play
  • Following being a community: we all have different styles of play and motivations for being here.  Other people's styles of play should matter to you, even if yours is different, particularly if you are storytelling for people.  Above all, remember that no one else has to adhere to or adopt your style of play.  They are not a 'bad player' if they prefer social scenes to storylines.  They are not a 'bad player' if they pursue character advancement over emotional development.  They are not a 'bad player' just because they find more meaning in gameplay when they toss the rules out the window, just as they are not a 'bad player' when they find more meaning in mastery of system knowledge.  Everyone is getting something out of being here, everyone is contributing something by being here, and it's up to all of us to try and appreciate those differences, not exclude people based on them.
Creative Freedom
  • When we have a strong foundation of respect in the community and appreciation of diverse personalities and play styles, there are very few limits to what we can do together.  With those values in place, the system can take off.  Players can run one-offs and storylines that are beyond your run-of-the-mill adventure because the Admin can trust them.  Players learn new things about the system because no one makes them feel 'dumb' for asking a question.  IC conflict becomes something we can embrace and not take personally because there's nothing personal about liking different things.  Admins don't burn out every 6 months because the system can be more player-driven.  Trust me when I say that nearly all disciplinary action in this system will not be to quash individual creativity but to respond to behavior that makes system-wide creative freedom impossible.



  • First, my thanks to Errin, for starting this site and keeping the lights on for its first year and a half, for gathering the resources to make it an excellent place to RP, and for working to make it better.
  • To Damon, for being mindful enough to save the materials and judgement calls he'd created and revised for Werewolf on Chicago Dusk and for being generous enough to share them with me.  The resources he's offered have been an invaluable starting place for most of my own rulings.
  • To Liz, for taking up the responsibility of site ownership and administration when we was needed so that none of us became homeless gamers again.
  • To all the sites I've played on before and the people who have owned them, run them, and played on them with me: Ashland, St. Louis, Emerald City, two versions of D.C., Charleston, and so on; I've learned a lot at each one, and been fortunate to meet so many players (and friends) through them.
  • And finally, to the players who came to the site as soon as they heard about it, the players who are here now, and the players who have thrown their energy into making it thrive, and who make it worth our time and energy.  I'm having a blast, and I'm glad you're here.


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