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  • Requests for Renown and XP should be made via character journals.  When you have an approved character, go to Cast >> My Characters and you will find a journal icon to add entries.  XP and Renown will be noted on your character sheet as they are awarded.
  • Journals should be submitted once per month and are due by 11:59 PM (MDT/chat) on the 3rd of the month.  They will be reviewed and awards of Renown and XP will be made in as timely a fashion as possible.  If you are able to submit your journal before Renown and XP has been awarded, it is likely that it will still be accepted and approved.  However, it's best to get them in by the deadline just to be on the safe side.
  • Kudos are reviewed after journals, and are submitted via email rather than Jove's journal function.  See below for more information.
  • If you skip a month or miss the deadline, you forfeit your XP for that month.  Do not put entries for multiple months in one journal.
  • Journals should briefly summarize significant scenes and Renown-worthy actions for your character, as well as one-shots and ST'd scenes that you participated in.  These summaries should be presented in a bullet-point list that is no longer than 10 lines.
  • You can add character development notes as well; this is completely optional and does not have a line limit.  These notes are primarily for your own benefit, but can sometimes further support XP expenditures, renown/XP requests, and so on.
  • There is a way to request 'extra' XP if a scene is particularly long or important to your character (see example below).  However, I may request a link to a scene log or a copy of the transcript if you're going to request extra XP.


Preferred Journal Format (Example)

Scenes Played: 7

  • Met Candy and fought some fomori.  Discovered that Candy is kinfolk. [ST: Bob]
  • Talked to pack about the fomori; made some plans to investigate.
  • Scene with Candy arguing about the role of kin in the War. Really long, intense scene. [2]
  • [Forums] Participated in the moot this month. Posted in the opening howl and revel but was really active in the cracking.
  • Massive battle at City Park vs. larval thunderwyrm or something, it was gross. [ST: Mary]
  • [Forums] Aftermath of City Park battle. Got into an argument with Denny.


Scenes Run: 2

  • Threw a gorehound at Chuck and Yvonne.  Chuck raged back!
  • Investigation scene at the Zoo for Allison and Candy.



-3 XP [Empathy 0 --> 1] Finally learning how to understand people due to interactions with Candy.

-3 XP [Gift: Smell of Man (Breed)]


Development Notes:

  • [OPTIONAL; should come at the end of the journal]



  • While XP is awarded based on activity, Renown is won or lost according to (in)glorious, (dis)honorable, or (un)wise behavior.
  • Renown awards are loosely based on charts in the book, but are typically going to be less than what is listed or fall into a different category.
  • What is Renown-worthy is a judgement call.  Renown gains and losses are at the discretion of the Administrator.
  • Kinfolk may gain Renown, but only if Garou characters are singing their praises to other Garou.  Also, if a Garou is singing the praises of a Kinfolk that they are mated or related to, it has less impact.  Do not expect Renown for Kinfolk characters, as it will be very rare.


Spending XP

  • As with Renown and XP requests, use the journal function under Cast >> My Characters.  It is a good idea to combine your current month's journal with your expenditure request.
  • The format of an XP expenditure request should be as follows: "Subterfuge 0 --> 1, [-3 XP]" with a brief (1-2 lines) justification.
  • Expenditure requests will be approved at the Admin's discretion.



  • You can suggest XP and Renown awards (or losses) for other characters/players, and it is encouraged that you do so.  All Renown and XP awards, however, are at Admin discretion, and may or may not be awarded (or taken) exactly as suggested by players.
  • Renown and XP suggestions can be submitted at any point but will only be reviewed and awarded once per month (around journal time).
  • You may suggest XP for a given player (not character) once a month.  You may make no more than three XP recommendations per month.  XP recommendations can be made for particularly awesome RP, ST'd scenes, or storylines that you participated in.
  • You may suggest Renown for a given player (not character) once a month.  You may make no more than two Renown recommendations per month.  In general, you should only be suggesting Renown for other characters if you play a Galliard or Philodox.  Galliards are able to affect all categories of a character's Renown, while Philodoxes primarily influence Honor.  
  • I strongly encourage players of Galliards especially to send me renown recommendations each month.  Since renown is primarily an in-character function, these kudos are (in a way), a part of your own activity journal.
  • If you would like to recommend someone for Renown or XP, send a separate email for each suggestion to werewolf [at] woddenver [dot] com with the following format:

                    Subject Line:

                              [XP Suggestion] or [Renown Suggestion], followed by the character name and player name as they are listed on the Cast page.


                              Character name:

                              Player name:

                              Your character in the scene (if applicable):

                              Your name:

                              Type (XP, Glory, Honor, or Wisdom):

                              Justification (no more than 3 lines):

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