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General Werewolf: the Apocalypse Character Guidelines

for World of Darkness: Denver

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Books Used

Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is recommended.  Revised is also generally accepted.  Traits from 1st and 2nd Edition books may be approved on a case-by-case basis.  Please note that the Talent: Dodge has been phased out in WtA20; Dexterity + Athletics is rolled instead.

Note that traits, storylines, and rules from all canon materials are subject to review and may be altered to best suit this setting, the online medium, and game balance.  Please keep an eye on the 'Latest Announcements' forums thread as well as these system pages to stay up-to-date on current judgement calls.


Canon Characters

Do not submit versions of canon NPCs.  Also, characters with ties to canon NPCs (however distant) will not be approved.  In essence: make your own NPCs for your character's history, and take the appropriate Backgrounds, Merits, and Flaws.


Changing Breeds

Non-Garou shapechangers are not currently allowed on Denver WtA but may be in the future.  Do not submit characters of this type or their Kinfolk unless/until an announcement has been made that this rule has changed.



Denver WtA does not make use of Influence at this time.  Make use of Allies, Contacts, Kinfolk, and various Social Merits + Flaws instead.


Instant Approval

Some characters do not need to be officially approved in order to be played freely.  See the individual character creation pages for more information on which types are "insta-play" and what the guidelines are for joining the game with them.  Instant-approval characters are permitted on an honor system; if it's discovered or reported that a character is knowingly being played and using dice when they do not adhere to instant approval guidelines, the character may be suspended from the system and the player may be subject to disciplinary action from the Admin and possibly the Director.


Merits + Flaws

Characters can begin play with up to 7 points of Flaws and/or 7 points of Merits.


Number of Characters

Each player is allowed a maximum of 3 characters in the Werewolf system with no more than 2 Garou.  It's advised that Garou characters be of different tribes, even if they are primarily aligned with different septs.  No player may have more than 1 Garou character in a single pack.



'Feeling out' a character through playtesting is encouraged.  However, a handful of ground rules must be followed:

  • Garou characters above the rank of Cliath must have a sheet and history submitted and a go-ahead from the Admin (usually dependent on whether the character has a good chance of being approved).  Cliath and Kinfolk characters may be playtested prior to submission and without notification.
  • The word 'playtest' must be in your tag when logging in.
  • A playtesting character automatically fails any and all dice rolls.  It is in your best interests to avoid combat or challenges.
  • Playtesting is permitted for 1 week (168 hours).  At the end of this week, non-Cliath Garou characters must cease playtesting unless/until approved.  Cliath and Kinfolk characters must submit a sheet and history to continue playtesting.


Secondary Abilities
As a general rule, I do not approve or make use of secondary abilities (including Lores) in Denver WtA.  Most, if not all, secondary abilities that can be found in WtA materials are rolled into the standard ability sets, sometimes with specialties.  If you have any questions about the traits you want your character to have and how to show them on their sheet, email me at werewolf [at] woddenver [dot] com.
Specialties with < 4 Dots
Certain Abilities in WtA20 allow/require characters to specialize even if they do not possess 4 dots in the trait.  Unless the player allocates 4 dots, they do not re-roll 10s when using that Ability, even if specialized.
  • Talents: Expression - can name a specialty if desired.
  • Skills: Crafts and Performance - must name a specialty.
  • Knowledges: Academics, Science, and Technology - must name a specialty.


While I encourage 'starting fresh' in Denver WtA with at least one brand-new PC, I understand that no one likes to give up a character they've put time and energy into just because a site is closed or because circumstances require a change of environment.  Characters transferred from other settings and sites may be approved on a case-by-case basis.  Please discuss the character you would like to bring over with the Admin during office hours or via email.  Minor changes to the character's sheet and history may be required; other characters will need no alteration to transition smoothly into the game.  Some transfer characters may be turned down completely for the same reasons any character maybe: their sheet, concept, or history just will not mesh with this chronicle.

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