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Random Quote

Jim: "I hope you come back. And I hope Leah, Serafine, none of us, have to worry about him again," and then he pauses, considering what he's said thus far and finding no qualms with his own statements. "How?"

Pan: "How?" he asks, repetition gone to counter-question with the furrow of his brow. He doesn't have an anchor point for it.

Jim: "How will you end it? Who will go with you? How can I help? I've got ideas on the last one, but I want to know more, what to expect, not that you can have... Expectations? For something like this. Hopes. Dreams, maybe. Nightmares. But not expectations."

Pan: "I will call on the name of the Lord," he says, "and he will answer with fire."

Vampire: The Masquerade

The links to the left will carry you to our Setting resources detailing the history and current state of vampiric society in Denver, the Character Creation and Submission Guidelines for Vampire, Ghoul and Mortal PCs, and the Storytelling and House Rules implemented in our Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle.

Getting Started

The following links are meant to assist new players in finding the information that they need in one place:


I'm Joey. Click here for a link to my Jove Account Page and see my list of characters by pressing the Characters link on that page. Click here for my Forums Account Page.

All administrative questions (character creation and submission questions, journal and experience expenditure questions, and anything else that isn't life or Final Death or extremely time sensitive) should be directed to the system's administrative e-mail: vampire (at) woddenver (dot) com.

If you have on-the-spot ruling questions for scenes currently in progress, storyline questions, disputes with another player or players, or just to launch into a spirited discussion about some aspect of the World of Darkness, please feel free to message me on AIM at iplaymyradio. I will try to be as attentive as possible to marking when I am and am not available, but there may be times when AIM says I'm around but I'm not looking at my phone or computer. I will also respond to PMs in the forum.

My schedule is very unpredictable, but I should be available most weeknights and some days on the weekend. It's unlikely you will have much trouble contacting me.


Monthly journals may be submitted and at any time between the 1st and 7th of the month. This is when they will be processed. Please limit journals to 10 or 15 lines, though you may include links to scene transcripts or forum threads that are particularly notable at the end of the journal.

I will also be rewarding XP throughout the month as I see fit.

XP expenditures can be submitted at any point and should also utilize the Journal module on Jove. Please also submit a rationale for this expenditure, explaining what your character has done to justify this expenditure.

After consideration, discretion will be exercised as to whether the player's XP expenditure will or will not be approved. Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding XP expenditures via the administrative e-mail at vampire (at) woddenver (dot) com.

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