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Denver WtA has two main locations: the Sept of Forgotten Questions, located in Roxborough Park, and the Sept of the Cold Crescent, located at 1999 Broadway in downtown Denver.  They are distinct from each other; while they are close allies, each sept has its own rules and leaders.  Garou and Kin alike usually affiliate themselves with one of the two septs depending -- for the most part -- on proximity.


The main difference between these two septs is immediately obvious: the Sept of Forgotten Questions is built around a caern.  The Sept of the Cold Crescent is not.  Monthly moots are held at the caern, and regardless of sept affiliation, Garou from both septs are expected to attend and share their Gnosis with the caern's spirit.  Garou from both septs are devoted to protection of this caern.  Breaches of conduct between the two septs is judged very harshly, as both septs depend greatly on each other.


Links to the left will take you to information about each sept, as well as Werewolf-specific information about other locations in the area.

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