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Arms of the Abyss

Using Arms of the Abyss to attack uses little concentration, though for each separate action one or more Arms of the Abyss are put to one dice is taken away from the vampire's dice pool for the turn.

Chimerstry: Static and Moving Illusions

Examples of Static Images (Ignis Fatuus and Fata Morgana): The sound of an alarm going off, the smell of smoke, a scream, a ballroom, a car standing still, the press of a dagger or gun barrel into one's back.

Examples of Moving Illusions (Chimerstry Apparition): A song playing, a car speeding toward someone, a recorded message, the feeling of a spider crawling up one's leg, a glittering chandelier, a guard dog stalking through one's haven.

Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact for Disciplines such as Dominate is now a contested roll of the target's Willpower versus the Discipline-user's Manipulation + Intimidation, with both rolls made at a standard difficulty of 6. The target must achieve more successes on this roll to avoid making making eye contact or otherwise giving the Dominator his attention.

Please note that a character must not actually have eyes or be able to see the Discipline-user for Dominate to be used; this is more about getting the target's undivided attention. At the same time, a Dominator must be able to at least see the target in order to use the Discipline.

The target's Willpower roll difficulty may be modified using the following chart. These modifiers are not cumulative. If eye contact is established the Discipline in question may be used.


Difficulty Modifier


Closing eyes or wearing dark sunglasses...


Blind fighting rules may apply for closing one's eyes for an extended period of time. A difficulty penalty of +1 for visual Perception and ranged combat rolls will apply if wearing sunglasses in dimly lit venues.

Turning away or wearing headphones...


Rear or flank attacks may apply for turning away. Visual Perception rolls may not be made in the direction turned from. In the case of headphones hearing Perception rolls may not be made.

Wearing a blindfold or gouging out one's own eyes...


Blind fighting rules apply, as well as a +3 difficulty penalty for visual Perception rolls. Ranged combat rolls may not be made without Heightened Senses, with a Perception + Alertness roll being necessary, and attacks are still at +2 difficulty.


Feral Whispers

No roll is necessary to issue commands to ghouled animals.

Iron Will

Should the Merit: Iron Will bring the the difficulty of a roll above 10, the difficulty remains at 10, but additional successes instead become necessary up to a maximum of 3 successes to properly activate the Discipline or other power in question.

Example: If the difficulty would become 11, two successes become necessary. If the difficulty would be 12, three successes are necessary. If the difficulty would be 13, three successes are necessary.

Malleable Visage

When a PC is raising their own Appearance with the use of Malleable Visage, the transformation is only permanent if you spend XP. If not the Appearance returns to normal the next night; though any features changed (e.g., skin color, hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc.) remain, they are less refined and no longer confer the boost to Appearance rating. This might result from the less-controllable characterization of Vicissitude as not just a discipline, but also a disease of the Fiends. If a PC does wish to permanently raise her Appearance, the cost is halved on the first success on a difficulty 9 Malleable Visage roll, and reduced by another single XP for each success after the first. Each dot of Appearance a PC wishes to raise necessitates a separate roll. If a PC is raising the Appearance of an NPC it is the same roll, at a difficulty of 9, but permanent unless they are of equal or lower generation that the Vicissitude user, and XP must be spent on the same scale as that listed above.

Potence and Celerity

You may spend one blood point to turn all of your dots in Potence into automatic successes on all Strength rolls for a turn. The generational limit for blood point expenditures in a single turn does apply to this system. Those Potence dots no longer count as dice added to Strength rolls for that turn.

You may spend up to however many dots you have in Celerity to convert those dots to extra actions at the end of the turn. The generational limit for blood point expenditures in a single turn does not apply to this system. Those Celerity dots so converted no longer count as dice added to Dexterity rolls for the turn nor do they add to a character's initiative score in combat.

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