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Quick Notes

When you're all done with your PC and have submitted it through Jove shoot me a heads up (via email at vampire [at] woddenver [dot] com or my AIM at iplaymyradio) so I know it's awaiting approval.

While it is by no means required for all submission (it is for some), players are welcome and encouraged to discuss concepts with the Admin before submission. I am willing to discuss everything from more plot-intensive hooks to NPC relations and whatever else you might want to play, though I can't promise every idea will be possible.

  • No attributes or abilities above 4.

  • No more than two 4s in your Attributes, no more than three 4s in your Abilities.

  • We are not supporting Mage or any sub-genre of it. Luckily Denver has a system for that! Any numina or type of hedge magic is going to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Lores are not available to Mortals at creation though they may be earned in character through play. Limited Vampire and Sect Lore may be considered for some Ghoul concepts.

  • If you are creating a Ghoul, the PC's Domitor must be another player's PC. This does not apply to Independent and Rogue Ghouls. Ghouls may take Potence 1 and an in-clan Discipline of their Domitor at 1, but otherwise use the same Creation Guidelines as those below. XP and Freebies may be spent on more Disciplines.


A (by no means comprehensive) List of Allowed Concepts:

  • Criminals, thugs and gangbangers (including porn stars)

  • Street hustlers

  • Starving artists

  • Lower-ranking church officials

  • Lower-level police officers (beat cops) and detectives

  • Reporters

  • Ghost / Paranormal Investigators

  • Medium

  • Ghouls

(Most definitely) Not Allowed:

  • Sorcerers

  • Kinfolk

  • Characters younger than 18 years of age

  • Real celebrities

  • High level politicians (i.e., Mayor, Governor, Senator)

  • Heads of criminal families

Advanced Concepts (that must be discussed before submission):


  • Coroners

  • Assistant to Mayor or Chief of Police

  • Numina or Hedge-Magic

  • Hunters

Putting Together the Dots

  • Attributes: 6/4/3

  • Abilities: 11/7/4

  • Backgrounds: 5; Resources are capped at 3 without prior approval.

  • Virtues: 7 dots to distribute¬†among¬†Consience, Self-Control and Courage. Start with one dot in each.

  • Willpower: Courage rating.

  • Freebies: 21

Bonus XP

  • A character created that is between the ages of 30 and 45 may take an extra 30 XP at creation.

  • Any character over the age of 45 may take an extra 45 XP at creation.

  • The maximum amount ot time ghouled is 150 years.

Merits and Flaws

Please reference White Wolf's 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade for a list of available Merits and Flaws.

Freebie Costs

  • Attributes - 5 per dot

  • Abilities - 2 per dot

  • Disciplines - 10 per dot

  • Backgrounds - 1 per dot

  • First Numina - 7 per dot

  • Second Numina - 14 per dot

  • Willpower - 1 per dot

XP Costs

  • Attribute - Current rating x 4

  • Ability - Current rating x 2

  • New Ability - 3 (This gets first dot only)

  • Willpower - Current rating

  • New Disciplines - 20 per dot

  • Clan/Family Disciplines - Current rating x 15

  • Other Disciplines - Current rating x 25

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