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What Was and May Remain of the Camarilla



Prince Helmer Rasmussen

Helmer Rasmussen is one of the founding Kindred of the Camarilla in Denver. It is common knowledge that Helmer was one of the Danish Americans that fought in the Revolutionary War (some say beside George Washington himself) and was sired either during or soon after the conflict.

The past Prince, Isaac Winthrop, maintained his domain as Prince of Denver through over a century of careful nightly parlay with this then-Primogen of the Brujah. Aa mainstay of Camarilla politics in the city, he has a reputation as friend to the Nosferatu and is known for doting on local Anarchs. In the past he has even defended some of their more unruly acts of sedition in court.

Rasmussen's beloved childe and Scourge of Denver, Pearl, was lost in the first night of Sabbat attacks and his night-long frenzy precluded a fierce counterattack and refusal to abandon Denver to the Cainites. His rousing speech in a burnt out hall of Elysium led numerous vampires to join his cause and defend the city in the name of the Camarilla.

On August 3rd, 2013, Rasmussen was named Prince of Denver by the visiting Ventrue Stratego, Lady Adelaide of Geneva. She acted with the full support of the Camarilla's Inner Circle and Council of Justicars while installing him in the position. In the ensuing siege by Sabbat forces, led by the defector Henrietta in Rags, he defended Richthofen Castle and helped fight back the horde - as has always been his way.



Wenceslao, Seneschal of Denver

A stately and refined Kindred with an Old Galician accent, the Ventrue Elder and Emissary of Lady Adelaide of Geneva prepared the way for the Stratego's visit to Denver's Elysium. During her duties Adelaide named Helmer Rasmussen the Prince of Denver, and in turn Rasmussen named Wenceslao his Seneschal. The politics behind this decision is thought to be more complex than it might seem outright.

Following the attack by Henrietta, which left Adelaide staked and in torpor due to the wounds she suffered, Wenceslao and the Assamite Samit Jalil dispatched the Elder Nosferatu traitor and fought off her fenzied childe, the current Primogen Gotfred. Thanks to the quick actions and skill of Samantha Balbec, a Venture holding the rank of Neonate at the time, Adelaide was safely carried from the field of battle. As a reward she was recognized as an Ancilla of her clan along with all the power and responsibility that comes along with holding a life boon from a torpid Ventrue Stratego.



Marguerite Hill, Tremere Regent

Having arrived in Denver in the months following the pitched Winter Siege of 2012-2013, Marguerite has brought with her a brood of reformed Sabbat warlocks. All are English defectors from the Sabbat ranks of London who left the Sword of Caine before the great ritual that was thought to have destroyed all the Tremere antitribu - the nickname spellbinders now has humorous connotations - they left behind.



Lucille of Dampierre, Toreador Primogen (Surviving with Style)

Despite the nobility implied by her name, Lucille was a starving French artist before her Embrace and that Hunger for recognition and validation translated perfectly into her unlife. One of the few surviving Toreador, she does not mourn the Harpies of her clan who met Final Death, nor the Seneschal, Lourene, her sire and a contemporary of Winthrop's own progenitor. Many question the true reason behind her continued presence in the city, though she was one of the first to take up Helmer Rasmussen's call. She has since served as Keeper of Elysium for the realm of Denver out of Rasmussen's Richthofen Castle in Montclair.



Gotfred, (Perhaps Still) Nosferatu Primogen

Now known simply as Gotfred, some Kindred may have heard the rumor he was a miner who came to Denver during the Depression of 1893 and found work as a sewer worker. Another story says he was a famed stage actor, his name since forgotten. All that is certain is he was sired by the former Nosferatu Primogen, Henrietta in Rags. She was an Elder known for reveling in the revulsion of her deformities, only embracing men. A story the Malkavians keep alive tell of her having once both enraged and entranced the Toreador at Elysium with an impossibly well-danced mockery of the Seven Veils. She was thought diablerized by the Sabbat in one of its earlier campaigns to capture Denver, and Gotfred responded by rising as an unwavering force against the Sword of Caine.

On August 3rd, 2013, it was revealed at the Battle of Richthofen that Henrietta had actually defected to the Sabbat. This illuminate many unanswered questions as to how the Sabbat was able to infliltrate so deep into the Camarilla of Denver in the early nights of the Winter Siege of 2012-13. Gotfred entered a frenzy at the sight and rose to her side to beat off her attackers, abandoning his Nosferatu clanmates and subordinates to Rasmussen's command. When she was beheaded by Samit the Assamite he was taken by the Red Fear and disappeared back to the subterranean Nosferatu warrens, an has long refused to interact with his malformed kin or heed Rasmussen's summons to Elysium.



Narcisa Rulfo, Sheriff

A Mexican-American Malkavian, in more peaceful times many questioned Winthrop's decision to charge a member of the Lunatics with the city's security. Once she found her stride, though, she displayed an iron handed and consistent approach to maintaining order. Many of her early detractors are hesitant to even imply that Narcisa could have done any more than she did when the Sabbat attacked. Her lucidity has never been called to question, though, which leaves some of her own clan worrying just how deep those still waters run.



Jeremy Cabot, Tremere Apprentice and Sabbat Defector

Jeremy was a Londoner thought to have lived his life as a sailor. Though in what period is unknown many guess the mid-1800s by his tattoos. Jeremy was turned by a coven of Sabbat under House Goratrix. When asked he is forthcoming about the fact that it was the brutality of the sect he could not abide. Forsaking shock and awe for the occult studies he grew an affinity for led him (who in turn led some of his fellows) back to House Tremere proper. He has been known to nod to those few versed in Sabbat politics who ask if he also sees more opportunity for advancement in the Ivory Tower. Citing the grudge held by Tzimisce powerplayers against Tremere - even the antitribu betrayers - usually conjures a laugh from the blood sorcerer.



Malcolm Redknapp, Tremere Apprentice and (Bereaved) Sabbat Defector

Malcolm has been making many enemies amongst the Denverite population since his arrival with the entourage of Tremere to the city. His breaches into unclaimed territory, grabbing up influence in the seedy underworld of coed academia as a peddler of vice, have not gone unnoticed. But Malcolm doesn't seem to care. He seems far more caught up in mourning the death of Anne Benton, his fellow defector from House Goratrix to the Camarilla Tremere, at the hands of the Sabbat during the Battle for Richthofen Castle.



Former Prince Isaac Winthrop (Presumed Dead or Whimpering Somewhere)

The last Prince of Denver was Isaac Winthrop. The dangerous and entitled cliché of a Ventrue is believed to have been sired in early 17th Century, either in London or Boston, as he has called both cities home in conversation. Failed attempts to gain power in East Coast cities and one misadventure in Nice, France left him a thorn in the side of the Camarilla Establishment. Prince Winthrop came to the city as a Kindred carpetbagger after the withdrawal of the Sabbat packs in 1902. Elder Kindred outside of the city speculate as to whether it was Isaac or his European sire, Lady Adelaide, who exerted prestation to make him Prince of the city.

With still no word of his whereabouts following the coming of Lady Adelaide to install Rasmussen as new Prince of Denver, it is believed that Winthrop must have passed in the siege.


A Dulled Sword of Caine



Ioana de Moieciu, Cardinal of the Mountain States

The Tzimisce Cardinal of the Mountain States, this startlingly effective fiend juggles ruling over the surrounding Sabbat packs and fending off lupine aggression, all from a relocated castle in Aspen, Colorado. Rumored to have centuries' worth of experience in European campaigns under her belt, she arrived in the United States and was the mastermind of numerous Canadian and West Coast campaigns. Ioana was also the driving force behind the Crusade on Denver and its eventual fate may decide her own future in the Sect. She unleashed numerous fleshcrafted horrors and foul living siege engines on Denver, and whatever still lurks in her Aspen bunker-cum-dungeon is the stuff of Camarilla nightmares. Her lineage holds grudges ancient and new against the Tremere, and she was particularly disturbed to find none of their clan within city limits. Their recent return to the city seems to have further irked and drawn her ire.



Charles Delmare, Lasombra Priscus of the Sabbat

Charles, like Ioana, is more of a regional power. Having slowly but surely worked his way up the ladder of Sabbat station throughout the centuries, he currently holds the title of foremost amongst his Clan in the Sect. While Cardinals understand this is more a matter of prestige than actual influence, try arguing such to a Lasombra who is able to inspire numerous Cainites of his clan and others to stand at his side with but a word. And rightly so, having served as Cardinal of South America for over a century and a half in what should have been a sentence to Final Death – especially considering the position's track record. Having long argued that the Sabbat must invest time and blood into its mortal infrastructure in order to effectively stand up to the Camarilla and Antediluvians, some wonder when Charles will openly say, "I told you so," especially after the results of the Camarilla reconquest of New York and their tactics in Denver. Others wonder if he might, as is his way, begin taking a more hands-on approach in these regions. Practice what you preach.



Henry Donahue, Templar to the Cardinal

A Country Gangrel, what few stories have managed to crop up about the Outlander tell of his survival and ascent from redneck shovelhead to high-octane Templar in Ioana's service. This would be easily overlooked if it weren't for making such headway in the span of two decades. Born, raised and Embraced in Louisiana, since being tapped by the Cardinal he has managed to gather an immense amount of knowledge on the Front Range and his ability to travel between cities without drawing lupine or Camarilla attention has been invaluable in recent nights.



Brent Orly, Malkavian antitribu

A Freak with a bearing that swings from unsettling in its staidness to terrifying it manic bursts, more than a few Sabbat were disturbed by the blessing of his prolonged presence and seeming dedication to the Crusade's campaign in Denver.



Gui Cavalcanti, Brujah antitribu

A Brazilian-born Brujah who carries himself with the brutality of someone who survived his birthplace's favelas and the pride of having pulled himself out of them. All the more disturbing considering he seems to have taken Denver as his new proving ground.



Paige Harrow, Lasombra

This American Lasombra, both aged and tested by Sabbat standards, cultivated her reputation climbing the ladder of the Clan of Shadows, or rather descending into its Abyss. Paige's sire Garo of Catania, an Elder of their Sect, once managed to gain an impressive foothold in Denver in the early 20th century and it is rumored she is eager to mimic his efforts.



Gregory and Brandon Fenton, Panders

A father and son duo, they are purported to be survivors of the New York Crusade and since then have excelled in the dangerous and unpredictable art of the mass Embrace. Like most Panders, there is more to be said, but few Sabbat care enough to find out and spread the word. Instead, they rely on them as the front line in the Sword of Caine's Crusades, and the devout Panders are happy to oblige.


Anarchs in a City Ablaze



From left: Ezra Levi, Brujah; Timothy O'Neill, Ventrue; John St. Germain, Brujah; and Andre Darmon, Caitiff.

A loose gang of Anarchs made all the less cohesive by the loss of their de facto leader, Ezra Levi's sire Bernard, whose shoes the childe has yet to fill. The Elder Anarch was lost in the early nights of the Sabbat Crusade. Their only guiding principles are those of the Status Perfectus and a deep love for Denver, a city which they are all natives of. The latter is the only reason they remain in the city, instead of retreating toward what remains of the Anarch Free States after the Sabbat's arrival. Some may be up for grabs without Bernard's guiding light. They pay lip service to Rasmussen because of his accommodating stance on their presence in the city.


(Known) Outside Influences



Samit Jalil, Assamite

With a skill set that ranges from assassin to  bodyguard of Kindred, Samit has publicly spoken out against integration of his clan with the Camarilla, if only because it might narrow the market of employers and the extent of his a la carte menu as a set of fangs for hire.



Oliverio Giovanni

The public face of the Giovanni in Denver, he is less a patriarch and more a mouthpiece; one can only wonder what insecurties this fosters in such a proud vampire, and what intrigue such insecurities might foster.



Baja Djuric, Ravnos

Wheeler and dealer of other Kindred's treasures, Baja mentions to most Kindred that he is simply passing through Denver. The only problem is he has been saying that for the past five years, and even the violence of the Sabbat arrival hasn't sent him packing.



Kamal Moussa, Follower of Set

Once a devout financier of the Nation of Islam, his connections to criminal organizations on the West Coast, in Afro-Carribean nations, and right here in Denver are now invaluable to the Settite presence in the city.



Atef Karim, Follower of Set

Kamal is known to have a childe, Atef Karim, who is easier to get a hold of when one needs the clan's helping hand and has protected no few Kindred from the Sabbat during the Siege of Denver.


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