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Local History

For many years, the city of Denver was considered a Tradition stronghold, hosting a couple of large chantries and a notable coven of Verbena named the Daughters of the Crescent Moon whose membership spanned multiple generations.  But during the last push of the Ascension War the Technocracy overtook the city and destroyed the central node, killing many of the local mages in the process.  The Verbena were hit especially hard during the attack, and with the coven all-but wiped out, the remaining members disappeared.

Then the Ascension War ended, and the Technocrats retreated to an aloof but watchful presence.  Over the years, their presence appears to have grown less and less invasive, perhaps due to changing priorities and decreased resources, or perhaps because they've gotten very good at being covert.  Either way, their retreat left room for a gradual rebuilding of the Traditions within Denver.  Over the years, a powerful cabal formed and set themselves up in a chantry located outside the city proper (where the only other remaining node lay.)  This cabal, known as the Seekers of Truth, became well-known as they took it upon themselves to guard and protect the city.

The Current State of Affairs

Two years ago, the Seekers disappeared.  It was discovered that they, along with an amalgam of technocrats, were the unfortunate victims of a young girl's violent Awakening.  In their absence, some of the newer locals took over the chantry with the permission of Annie Pierce, the Verbena Disciple who owns the property (and whose brother had been a member of the Seekers.)  Recently, Annie has returned to the chantry, along with the rest of her cabal. These days, the chantry and the node are open to any who have need of it.

As for the technocrats, it remains to be seen what their agenda is, and whether their recent losses have affected their power structure.


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