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Random Quote

"This I will swear to you, on the transits of the bright and guiding stars, on the certain circuit of the sun: should you lose your lust for life's less ordered things, and should your sphere and influence become aesthetic and precise, I shall break your wand across my knee and tell you thusly: that the art of life is in the living, as messily and whole-heartedly and caution-to-the-wind and wind-be-damned as ever you might, and that my friend, my well and truly best of friends, Penelope Mercury Mars, that she delights in the scrape of syllables across her teeth, in the juice of a fine and fragrant peach in summer, in the swirl of sediment in the last glass of wine that is drawn from a bottle that was too fine not to buy but too expensive to be practical -- that my Penelope Mercury Mars is steeped in the magic of the places between, where practical becomes and doesn't dictate, and flame flickers, and Will invites."


Game Version

  • On this site, we use the Mage 20th Anniversary Edition system. Unless it is noted otherwise in the rules, no abilities or backgrounds may be used from previous editions of Mage, or from other WoD game systems. Merits and Flaws may come from either M20 or Revised.

Number of Characters

  • Players may have no more than two active characters within the system at any given time.


  • Transfer characters are allowed, but they must be submitted using the creation rules listed here. Imported sheets are not accepted.


  • All Traditions are open and freely available, as are most factions within those Traditions. (Factions with notably limited membership require permission to play, but are still possibilities.)
  • Orphans and Craft Mages are also accepted.
  • At this time, Technocrat PCs are not available.
  • Marauder and Nephandus PCs will not be accepted.  (Note that it is possible, though rare, for a character to become either of these through game events.)

Attached NPCs

  • Players are freely encouraged to create and play NPCs associated with their character. NPCs used only for narrative purposes do not need to be approved.  (Within reason, obviously.  Don't toss a Master-level mage into a scene just for fun.)
  • If you plan to make periodic use of an NPC in diced situations (say, if the NPC is an Ally who might help out in combat scenarios,) you must submit their basic stats for approval.  You should use the PC creation rules as a guideline, but stats should be realistic (downgraded for a young character, etc.)  When in doubt, talk to the Admin about what you have in mind prior to submission.


  • Fully automatic weapons and high levels (beyond AR 3) of body armor are restricted in this system, as are specialized weapons or other items that aren't available to the general public.  If your character has a background that makes these things accessible, talk to the Admin.  Depending on what you want to give them, you may be able to get special permission - though game-unbalancing items will never be allowed.


  • All Apprentices and Initiates may be playtested for up to one week, with or without a submitted character sheet.
  • Disciples may only be playtested if a sheet has been submitted and you have been given an ok to playtest the character by the Admin.
  • Playtest characters may not use dice.  If a contested dice scenario comes up, they automatically fail.

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