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Denver: infludamonza A! Stay awhile, and listen!
jamie: *slaps on a face mask*
infludamonza A: *HAAACKKK, KOFFF*
Tithe: Ack, not an infludamonza! Battle-stations! *dives fer protective covering and hand sanitizer*
jamie: *hooks the sprinkler up to a vat of Lysol*
Tithe: [Battle Mode: Engaged.]
Roll: 6 d10 TN6 (1, 2, 2, 3, 9, 10) ( success x 2 ) VALID
infludamonza A: *slouches into corner, slumps* nnnghnghmmgh.
infludamonza A: ...WELL?! keep conversing, mortals! ENTERTAIN THY UNHOLY, ICHOROUS GOD OF GOO.
Tithe: *grimace* gross.
infludamonza A: SNOTHULHU FTHAGN!
jamie: 'IA! 'IA!

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The Director:  mnemosyne

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Vampire Admin:  tithe

Werewolf Admin:  kai

Changeling Overseer:  tithe

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