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Kalen (to Grace): "And...what other-Kit says about confrontation when he tries to drag you over to Tytalus...his choice of a House for you is wrong, but he is right that sometimes the best thing is to challenge someone or something, so that it can grow stronger." He is still smiling, warm and amused. "Your proper House, by the way, is Verditus. But...I would also accept Griffindor. Maybe Hufflepuff."

Special Thanks

The creators here on Denver would like to give special thanks to:

  • Harle, for writing the Jove code, thus making this place possible.
  • Damon, for graciously sharing that code, also making this place possible.
  • A friend who is not a player on site, but who helped immensely by working out some of the kinks in the code.
  • Kai, for helping me (Niko) hammer out the details of the overall setting and also for all of her encouragement and help throughout the creation and set-up of the site.  Without her WoDD might still exist, but it would only be about 1/3 as awesome.
  • Howl and Matt, for the initial creation of the Mage and Vampire settings (respectively).
  • Joey, Kai, and Samael, for creating such wonderful and unique system settings, both from each other and from what's been seen on other sites in the past.
  • Our players!  We've created something a little different here in our slice of the internet, and it wouldn't have been possible without our open and creative community of players.

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