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Ned: *facepalm* "You are the WORST at keeping secrets"



"This is not how science works. You do not call it a failure if both of the subjects get black out drunk and fall asleep."

Posted by HDub

Doc knows things.

Tuesday 26th September, 2017

Nobody puts a middle schooler in real danger in science class. It's why middle schoolers rarely achieve anything.

Posted by HDub


Tuesday 18th July, 2017

"Oh I should have thought of this hours ago."

(Diff 4-1 for Focus)


Posted by jamie

Ned, being Ned

Thursday 22nd June, 2017

Denver @ 10:55PM
Odessa has wandered out of Chantry to explore other realms.

...after leaving the Chantry to travel into the Umbra.

Posted by vesta

Thursday 8th June, 2017

Sepúlveda: "Leave the dead cat alone, I was saving that."

Ned: "Matter under your belt and you're still eating roadkill.."

Posted by FadedNoel

Dr. Sepúlveda, putting the "mad" in "Mad Scientist" since forever.

Monday 5th September, 2016

"Smokies are for swingers parties and cocktail gowns. Most college students wouldn't dare degrade their art with functional meat on tiny pokey sticks besides-" Ned's eyes track a platter of appetizers, filled with green and multi-coloured vegetable bites "-vegan is the new Black."

Posted by HDub

Ned knows things.

Saturday 2nd July, 2016

Faded Noel: This is why Grace needs to learn Spirit, so that she can burn data and send it to people in the afterlife.

Heather: Grace is burning facebook pictures so her dead friends can see cute things her cat did

Posted by FadedNoel

And making her dead enemies listen to Portal's "Still Alive" on repeat.

Sunday 5th June, 2016

Yorick, who was previously somewhat cute and quite fluffy, moves down to rabbit non grata at the mention of his book devouring ways. The look Ari sends his way is not particularly clement. It seems fitting that Pen sentences him to time in what Ari's mind can only rightfully refer to as 'rabbit jail' for this offense.

Posted by tithe

Bunnies. BUNNIES. It must be bunnies.

Monday 16th May, 2016

William opens the door again to check and be certain that it was, in fact, still a yawning void which consumes all that enters.

You know, like you do.

Posted by tithe

William Holmes in Adventureland

Wednesday 4th May, 2016

Ned: *facepalm* "You are the WORST at keeping secrets"

Posted by Quither

Apprentices keeping secrets, is not a thing.

Tuesday 3rd May, 2016

Kendra C.: Much like how we know how to gouge eyes
Kendra C.: But would really prefer not to

Posted by HDub

*leaves this here with no context*

Sunday 17th April, 2016

Nobody had explained where the mind goes when the body sleeps; there had always been more pressing matters to worry about. Monsters and Nephandi and the Union. There had always been a promise of Wonder, but it had been an elusive promise to bring to reality for Alexander. Maybe now he’s starting to find his own.

Posted by tithe

Alexander Brandt, Disparate

Wednesday 16th March, 2016

"This I will swear to you, on the transits of the bright and guiding stars, on the certain circuit of the sun: should you lose your lust for life's less ordered things, and should your sphere and influence become aesthetic and precise, I shall break your wand across my knee and tell you thusly: that the art of life is in the living, as messily and whole-heartedly and caution-to-the-wind and wind-be-damned as ever you might, and that my friend, my well and truly best of friends, Penelope Mercury Mars, that she delights in the scrape of syllables across her teeth, in the juice of a fine and fragrant peach in summer, in the swirl of sediment in the last glass of wine that is drawn from a bottle that was too fine not to buy but too expensive to be practical -- that my Penelope Mercury Mars is steeped in the magic of the places between, where practical becomes and doesn't dictate, and flame flickers, and Will invites."

Posted by tithe

Arianna Agrees to Swear an Oath

Wednesday 16th March, 2016

She'd unlocked a new Sphere recently, and did so with the intention of doing so. It was empowering. Math in a university was becoming quite boring.

Posted by tithe

Margot Travers #newlyawakenedproblems

Thursday 10th March, 2016

"I'm not cool like you guys with your wheels."

Posted by HDub

Grace, on Chakravanti

Wednesday 9th March, 2016

"I do not know what your future holds, dear lady, but I fear that making your acquaintance may have altered mine in the most damnably wonderful of ways."

Posted by tithe

William Holmes, Charmer.

Wednesday 9th March, 2016

At the rate he's going the female Mages of Denver are one day going to form a support group to deal with the fact that Andy Sepúlveda is a fucking asshole.

Posted by Kenna

Well, his Resonance IS augural...

Monday 7th March, 2016

"Does 'lost' now mean nothing more definitive than 'not yet won'?"

Posted by resurgetcineribus

Penelope Mars, Hermetic Flambeau

Tuesday 1st March, 2016

"If I knew I would go the rest of my life without getting yelled at by a Witch if I cut off one of my nuts, I'd do it."

Posted by FadedNoel

Andrés Sepúlveda on how to avoid conflicts with the Verbena.

Thursday 25th February, 2016

It is difficult for Verna to imagine a future. It feels like building an elaborate and loved sandcastle as the tide rolls in. Useless, really.

Posted by tithe

Verna Gardner, on the Future

Thursday 18th February, 2016

"William had contact from a technocrat summer before last, when he googled the Technocracy. Someone calling himself White Knight, said he wanted to talk. I don't think anybody got back in touch with him. Mostly we made William stop googling the technocracy."

Posted by tithe

Serafíne, on William

Friday 12th February, 2016

"Do you believe we still have our souls?"
"We must. We haven't much else to lose, now, have we?"

Posted by tithe

Eleanor and Tam

Friday 12th February, 2016

"My life needs to mean something beyond butchery. I've seen too many times where someone didn't, and lost sight of what it's for. One time would have been too many."

Posted by tithe

Nicholas Hyde, Chakravanti

Friday 12th February, 2016

"You'd better be okay. This shit-show better have been worth something."

Posted by tithe

Molly Toombs, first words

Friday 12th February, 2016

Well, there are worse ways to go, fired a quiet thought that seemed separate already from her weakly writhing body on the floor. It really only was a matter of time. And perhaps for the best-- god knows what would have happened if that thing in my womb managed to be born.

She was dimly considering this when consciousness slipped away and her heart stopped pumping blood any longer.

Molly was out of the race, but at least she could finally sleep.

Posted by tithe

Molly Toombs, last thoughts

Friday 12th February, 2016

Had such promise? Are you giving up on me, then? I’ve been trying to keep people safe. I’ve been trying to fight the dark things. I’ve been trying to work out how this whole damn Awakened thing works. And after ignoring me for two years you’ve decided to stop by and yank my chain? Well, screw you! Either you’re going to help me, or you aren’t. But it’s time for you to get off the wall and decide if you’re actually going to do something, or just hide in the shadows and hope it’ll all be ok in the end. I’m probably fucked anyway once this is all over, but at least show me that you give a shit. Show me what I’ve done hasn’t been one massive waste of time.

Show me what I can be.

Alexander’s voice – his thoughts – turn from shouting to pleading at the end. He wants there to a point to it all, rather than a vast joke at his expense.

The wolf approaches and Alexander? Well, he doesn’t hesitate. There’s a gap now, he could run, but he doesn’t. He screams – vocally this time, voice without form - and swings the flame at the shadow.

Posted by tithe

Alexander Brandt, Technocratic Prisoner, Disparate Mage, on Avatar-to-Mage Communication

Friday 12th February, 2016

"I don't, um, hm. He's not, certainly I would not say that I don't know anything about his wife's death or the abominations against the natural order of, necromancy no, I - what? I think; did you hear that?"

Penelope's gray eyes are quite wide and she hooks a thumb over her shoulder, half-turning her head. She looks very earnest in what is probably the worst attempt to lie or at least conceal be tempered that she has had for a while. "Did we get a dog?"

NoreallyNickdidyouguysgetadog? Brief pause.

"I think - are we getting a dog in the future? Because I; wait, what was the question? About Sepúlveda? No. Wait, know him? As in ..."


Posted by resurgetcineribus

Pen botches a Manip + Subterfuge roll.

Friday 12th February, 2016

Heather: I'm now picturing Pen trying to shove Red into her purse like breadsticks at a buffet
--Pen: Drat this delightfully stylish-yet-tragically-small purse!
--Red: O_< i don't fit in there please stop
--Pen: And he TALKS! *shoveshoveshove*

Posted by ixphaelaeon

Serious Hermetic business was going on IC...not that you could tell by our group chat.

Friday 15th January, 2016

This gets her attention. She looks at Shelby, blinking. "Have you ever had elk? Bison?" A beat. "Shelby, what about Kobe beef?"
She looks concerned.

Posted by HDub

Avery Whitechase, on the dietary habits of others

Saturday 12th December, 2015

He will not let another man blow him and he will not tie another man's tie.

Posted by HDub

Samir has boundaries.

Tuesday 8th December, 2015

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