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With several sports fields, Elitch Gardens, the Downtown Aquarium, and several shops and restaurants and bars, there is always something to do in downtown Denver to suit a range of incomes.
This room encompasses: LoDo, Capitol Hill, Civic Center.

16th Street Mall

This pedestrian mall is a stretch of downtown from Union Station to Civic Center Station with a host of restaurants, shops, a movie theater, and a plethora of Starbucks to see you from one end to the other. Travel end to end via free buses, the only motorized traffic allowed on 16th Street.

Union Station | Sabbat Temple

The central hub of over 120 miles of commuter and light rail lines and 20 miles of bus and rapid transit radiate out from Union Station, the station itself currently undergoing a massive redevelopment with construction projects leaving large sections of its interior closed to the public.

Santa Fe Arts District

A relatively short stretch of Santa Fe running from 10th to 6th, this space is nonetheless filled with art galleries, tattoo parlors, and restaurants. Twice a month, rain, shine, or snow, this street is choked with pedestrian traffic due to the 1st and 3rd Friday art walks, which include everything from food carts and live music to impromptu street performances.


As retail corridors go, the south stretch of Federal Boulevard isn't the prettiest, but it has an energy and character unlike anywhere else in Denver. Half Mexican and half Vietnamese, you'll find phở places and taquerías right alongside a mission built in an old movie theater and a playhouse inside an old Victorian.

St. Stephen's Elementary School | Anarch Forum

A condemned school off Federal Boulevard whose redevelopment was halted by the construction bust in the area.

East Colfax

The home of horrible zone planning, constant redevelopment battles, and once known as the "longest, wickedest street in America", East Colfax is well-known as a sometimes dangerous but always interesting area to hang out. If you need a prostitute, want to see a show at the Ogden before a band gets big, or just want to run into a mentally ill homeless person while waiting for the 15 bus, East Colfax is the place to be.

Richthofen Castle | Camarilla Elysium

Begun in 1883 and completed in 1887, it was modeled on the original Richthofen Castle in Germany.

Washington Park

Washington [Wash] Park's historic buildings, lakes, tennis courts, lawns, large flower gardens, and recreation center provide various experiences for visitors. The park is quite popular and attracts many tourists every year. Apart from activities like jogging, walking or biking, the park serves as a center for social activities and encourages community involvement. Due to its welcoming appearance and unique characteristics, the Washington Park was designated as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in the year 2012.

University of Denver

The University of Denver [DU], founded in 1864, is the oldest private university in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States. The 125-acre main campus is a designated arboretum and is located primarily in the University Neighborhood, about seven miles south of downtown Denver. This room encompasses: Denver University and the surrounding neighborhood.

East Denver

This suburban area is the last bastion of civilization before hitting the open plains to the east. It hosts a number of large shopping districts, and reasonably affordable housing options.
This room encompasses: DTC, Aurora, Parker

South Suburbs

The southern suburbs are sprawling, with wide open spaces that afford an excellent view of the Rockies to the west. This area is populated by Denver's wealthier citizens.
This room encompasses: Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Littleton, Castle Rock

Roxborough State Park | Sept of Forgotten Questions

With dramatic sandstone formations, a plethora of distinct plant communities, and wildlife including black bears, mule deer and the occasional wild cat, 4,000-acre Roxborough Park is a popular hiking destination. Camping, bicycling and pets are not permitted in the park.The Sept of Forgotten Questions and its bawn encompasses almost the entirety of Roxborough State Park. After the park's gates close at dusk, the land belongs to the Garou. Almost all employees who work in the park are Kinfolk.


This room is for scenes that take place in the towns and cities nestled in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. This room features, but is not limited to, the college town of Boulder, and the more upscale Golden.


Located a little over half an hour outside of Denver in the rural town of Morrison, the chantry house sits on 20 acres of land, at the base of a large, forested hill. The house itself is a large ranch-style stone building with a two-story addition. There is a large field in front of the house with a fenced pasture and a stable. Behind the house lies the node and a handful of large, lush garden plots.

Resort Areas

This room is for scenes that take place in the resort towns of central Colorado. Whether it's fresh powder your character seeks in the winter or scenic trails in the summer, this is the place to put them. This room encompasses: Breckenridge, Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, Arapahoe Basin, Steamboat Springs, and so on.

Northern Colorado

This room is for scenes that take place in areas north of Denver. This room encompasses: Loveland, a quiet rural city, Fort Collins, a quintessential college town, and Estes Park, a popular destination outside the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park.

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